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Heidi’s school of dance studio policy

The following document outlines the policies and procedures of Heidi’s School of Dance. Enrolling as a student confirms that you accept and will abide by the following regulations:

  • Respect for all. Our staff are respectful of our children and their families, their beliefs and values and expect the same in return.

  • Heidi’s School of Dance supports a strict anti-bullying policy. We encourage positive behaviour, encouragement and respect for staff members and classmates. All should behave in a polite, responsible and courteous manner.

  • Dancing is as much about individual performance as it is working cohesively as a team- all students are encouraged to support their fellow team members so that we may all do our best.

  • Once students are permanently attending a class, they require the correct Heidi’s School of Dance uniform. This is outlined in the enrolment pack and in the uniform section of the website. Hair is to be tied back in a bun for all classes. A hair tie, pins and a bun net are recommended. Underwear is not to be visible.

  • Damage or theft to the studio or items owned by the studio will not be tolerated. Damage is at a cost to the vandal.

  • We promote a clean, safe and healthy environment- please help to keep our studio clean by putting rubbish in the bins provided and reporting any incidents.


Our studio

  • Heidi’s School of Dance aims to provide a fantastic experience for everyone. Commitment and effort will be rewarded.

  • Students wanting to partake private lessons must be enrolled in a minimum of two classes per week.

  • Please label your dancewear and personal belongings. Valuables are best left at home. Lost, stolen or damaged items are not the responsibility of Heidi’s School of Dance, however, we will attempt to assist in its return.

  • Students are placed into the appropriate class at the discretion of staff. Placement can be discussed with Miss Heidi if you are concerned.

  • While parents of young children are able to remain in the studio for their initial lesson, all classes thereafter are to be attended independently. This promotes self-confidence for your child and creates less distraction for all class members.

  • Limited parking is available on the premises. Alternative parking is available on the surrounding council streets. Parking is subject to the regulations of Newcastle City Council. Please do not park in the disabled car space, unless you have a valid disability permit.

  • Students attend classes at their own risk. While staff will conduct class in a safe and reasonable manner and endeavour to take care with handling of injuries, it is the responsibility of the individual to personally follow up injury care with their own health care professional.

  • Parents or students with enquiries should phone the studio between 9am and 3pm weekdays. Should this be unsuitable, appointments may be made with staff at a mutually agreeable time. We understand that matters do arise from time to time that must be discussed during the child’s class, however, we prefer to minimise these disruptions where possible, to ensure that all students receive their full lesson and teachers can acknowledge their duty of care to all class members.

  • Any feedback or requests can be made in writing and placed into the fees box. Please ensure that you include your name, student’s name and phone number so that matters can be addressed appropriately.

  • By enrolling at Heidi’s School of Dance, you give permission for all photographs and/or recordings taken in the course of classes, rehearsals or performances to be used for publicity, including the Heidi’s School of Dance website, marketing collateral and press. Please inform the school, in writing, should you not wish for your child to be photographed.


Fees and payment

  • Fees are to be paid monthly for the month, on the child’s first lesson of the month. Alternatively, fees can be paid by the term, with payment due within the first fortnight of term commencement and eligible for a 5% discount. Late payment may incur an administrative charge.

  • Annual leave is deducted providing two weeks advance notice is given. Sick leave or credit for paid lessons will be issued, providing a Doctor’s certificate is received.

  • Refunds are not available for fees, though credit may be given. Term discount is void if the dance term has not been paid in entirety. Credit for missed lessons as above, is valid for a twelve week period only.



  • All students are to purchase a proximity tag upon enrolment. A $10 deposit is taken for the tag, which will be returned to the student when they leave the studio, if the tag is returned in working order. Lost tags should be reported immediately so that the details can be removed from the system. A replacement tag will need to be issued.

  • Students are asked not to let anyone into the studio who they do not know. If students or families forget their tag, please use the intercom system so that a staff member may give you access to the building.

  • All students are to remain with an adult until the commencement of a lesson. In the event a parent or guardian is unable to remain, they must ensure that their child is within the studio and supervised by a staff member, before leaving.

  • Students are asked to remain in the studio with their teacher if at the completion of their lesson, the adult who is picking them up is not punctual. Parents are asked to collect their child from the studio so that staff are aware of their collection. Any students left at the studio outside a reasonable time period may incur a ‘care fee’, at the usual class rate if a lesson is in progress, or as per private tuition fees if there are no classes being held.

  • Students are not to wear loose jewellery in class.

  • Students are asked to cover up their dancewear when leaving the studio. Heidi’s School of Dance jumpers are available for purchase from Studio Two. Dance shoes last longer when they are not worn outside the studio- please remove them before exiting the building.

  • If your child is unwell and contagious, please do not bring them to dancing. If they are able to observe class then it is most useful to help with positions in dances and retaining knowledge of work from week to week. This ensures that students don’t feel “left behind” and also saves time in class.

  • All staff members of Heidi’s School of Dance hold a current ‘Working with Children Check’.


Concerts and examinations

  • All parents/guardians who consent for their children to participate in the annual concert pay costume deposits when requested and are liable for all balances owing thereafter.

  • Parents/guardians are responsible for providing correct sizing information for costume allocation. While we will take measurements for custom costumes and endeavour to provide costumes with the best fit, often it is impossible to reorder costumes if an error is made.

  • Hire costumes are the property of Heidi’s School of Dance and should be returned, undamaged, on the concert night. Hire costumes are numbered and so any items in your name that are not returned, may incur a cost, calculated daily.

  • Positioning and participation of students in performances is at the discretion of their teachers.

  • Students are only able to participate in examinations if they attend twice weekly and the staff consider them to have prepared appropriately.

  • Examination results are at the discretion of the British Ballet Organisation. Please see their policy for further information on examination grading.

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